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Agnes Monika

Agnes Monica was born in Jakarta July 1, 1986. Agnes's father is Ricky Muljoto and her mother is Jenny Siswono. Agnes Monica has only one elder brother, his name is Steve who is nine years older than Agnes.
Agnes Monica, a little girl, studied in SD Tarakanita Pluit Jakarta. Agnes Monica was very clever, she was always on the first rank in her class. Agnes Monica started her career as a young singer and had successfully released several albums. Some of them were Si Meong, Yess, Bala-bala and Tralala-Trilili. Agnes Monica had a very busy activities such as the piano lesson, English. Her hobbies are playing badminton and ice skating. In addition, she sang three to five times a month. Even, she took time to perform in a show in Los Angeles for ten days during her school vacation. 
After graduating from SD Tarakanita Jakarta, Agnes Monica continued to SLTP Pelita Harapan. Her activities increased rapidly. She began entering the entertainment world through VAN (Video Anak ANTeve), and Tralala-Trilili. Agnes Monica received Panasonic Award for the best announcer in children's program in 1999. Agnes Monica was also elected as the most popular and the best teen actress according to a polling carried out by Agnes Monica performed in a number of commercials such as Biore Anti Acne, Natur Pencuci Rambut, Peligraph pencil, poshboy T-shirt, STIMIK AKI, and Sakatonik ABG.
At the age of fourteen, Agnes Monica was getting more and more beautiful, and attracting fans ranging from children up to teenagers. Nyez, her favourite nickname, was shown frequently on teens magazine. Agnes Monica started to star her first film Lupus Milenia in Indosiar, directed by Hilman Hari Wijaya. There, Agnes acted as Lulu, Lupus' sister. She also obtained a part in Mr. Hologram in Indosiar and FTV, and as Melati in SCTV.
She carried on her study in SMU Pelita Harapan. Agnes Monica starred in a TV series "Pernikahan Dini", for 76 episodes, also in a film First Kiss. She hosted a family show with Steve. She performed in Cewekku Jutek with Roger Danuarta.
By Charles Roring

clever: pintar elder brother: saudara laki-laki
release:meluncurkan even: bahkan
in addition: disamping itu polling: jajak pendapat
increase: meningkat commercials: iklan
receive: menerima teens: remaja
according to: menurut obtain: mendapat
nickname: nama panggilan carry on: melanjutkan
directed by: disutradarai oleh
part: peran
host: membawa acara



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