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Dian Paramitha Sastrowardoyo

Dian Sastro

Dian Sastro

Beautiful model-turned-actress with a handful of acting talent in a film directed by Rudy Sudiarwo, two years later, Dian Sastro received an offer for a role in Pasir Berbisik. There, she played with some prominent stars Christine Hakim, Didi Petet and Slamet Rahardjo.

After succeeding as Daya in Pasir Berbisik, for the first time, Dian Sastro won an award as the best single actress in Festival du Film Asiatigue de Deauville, France 2002. Later that year, Dian Sastro was awarded similar title in the 15th Singapore International Film Festival 2002.

Finally, Dian Sastro was cast, in 2002, as Cinta in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? Dian's role was the main character in the movie about falling in love at a young age. Not only that, she was also sing one of the soundtrack's songs for "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?" -- produced by most wanted songwriters Melly Goeslow and husband Anto Hoed. "She has a beautiful voice and is smart too. We only need an hour to complete the recording process," Melly said on Dian's singing. Dian Sastro explained how she was just excited about the whole new experience. This film got enormous response from Indonesia audiences. Again, the beautiful girl who was born in Jakarta March 16, 1982, received an award as The Adorable Actress in Bandung Film Festival 2002.  Charles Roring

Name: Dian Sastro
Full Name: Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo
Nick name at home: Dian/ Di
Date of birth: Jakarta, 16 Maret 1982
Ethnic / Nationality: Java/ Indonesian
Blood type: O
Fatherís name: (the late)Ariawan Sastrowardoyo 
Motherís name: Dewi Parwati Setyorini
Brotherís names: Ari and Fafahd
Residence: Jakarta
Weight / Height: 46/ 162
Blouse / shorts / shoes sizes: S/ 27/ 38
Idol: Natalie Portman
Current Activity: casting
Hobby and interest: singing and playing the guitar
Favorite place for vacation: mountain
Favorite sport: swimming
Part of the body that I like the most: tumb
Part of the body that I donít like the most: nails


receive: menerima

prominent: penting

won (win): memenangkan

similar: sama

role: peran

enormous: luar biasa

adorable: pujaan 


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