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E.T. The Extra Terrestrial is a wonderful film. The story of the little lost alien on earth and his special friend, Elliott, has been very popular for twenty years. Now the film is coming again.

On its 20th anniversary, its Director Steven Spielberg wants to show it to today’s children. He has re-made the film, using new technology, putting in new scenes, new computer pictures and new sound. It comes out on 22nd March in the USA and then around the world.

The film was a big hit with audiences when it came out in 1982, and made over $701 million worldwide. It was also a hit with the film industry, where it won four Oscars. Spielberg called it his most personal film. The video sold 22 million copies.

E.T. is a visitor from another planet. He is alone. Elliott is a lonely boy. He wants E.T. to be his friend. “You could be happy here,” Elliott tells him. “I wouldn’t let anybody hurt you. We could grow up together.” Elliott and his younger sister and brother look after him. Elliott helps E.T. to send messages back to his home planet. They protect him from scientists and government people and have exciting adventures. E.T. and Elliott become very close friends – Elliott feels ill when E.T. is ill. Elliott helps E.T. back to his own planet and they say goodbye to one another in a sad and sweet ending.

The first film had wonderful special effects. E.T was real. It took 70 drawings to make him. Now, new technology has allowed Spielberg to go into the first film to make changes. E.T. moves well. At the beginning of the film, he jumps through plants in the forest. At the end when we see his face close, his skin looks real.

There is new computer technology in other scenes as well. Elliott opens a can of drink and it sprays all over E.T. When E.T. and the children are flying on their bicycles, in the famous scene towards the end of the film, Elliott’s clothes flap in the wind. There are other changes too.

The first film did not need today’s technology to make it the great success it was. But with the computer changes of today, the story is set to be a hit all over again. Happy Birthday E.T. and welcome back! Penguin Dossiers

anniversary: peringatan

scenes: adegan film

special effects: efek khusus

sprays: memancar, muncrat

flap: berkibar

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