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Human Traffic

‘We will help you’. For the world’s refugees and asylum seekers, it is a message of hope. For criminals that agree to take them to a new country, it’s big business. Thousands of people are promised a better life in the rich countries of the west. But many die on terrible journeys. Things are not much better for those that arrive. How can the west fight the criminals and help the refugees? There are no easy answers. One of the problems is the large number of people moving illegal immigrants. And they are not all big criminals. Time and a vehicle are the only things anyone needs to make money in this way.
The story of Josip Loncaric is a good example. Loncaric was a Croatian taxi driver. Twenty years ago, he started taking cheap fruit and vegetables to the Italian border. When war came to Yugoslavia, Loncaric preferred taking refugees. He earned good money and bought more vehicles. Soon, he was transporting over five hundred refugees a week to the Italian border. When Chinese criminals also began moving refugees into Europe through Trieste, Loncaric joined them. He now had 200 people working for him. They brought illegal immigrants into Europe from all over the world. Loncaric grew rich.
His luck changed in 1998. The police in Italy, Slovenia and Britain decided to work together. They listened to Loncaric’s telephone conversations, and sent special officers to watch him. Then one of Loncaric’s workers, Tomo Fodor, agreed to help them. Finally, in July 2000, Loncaric was arrested. His business of making money from refugees was over.
This is only one success story. Hundreds of other criminals are still moving refugees. But the story shows what can be done when countries join together to stop the terrible
trade in human traffic. Early this year, Italy and the UK decided to work together in a number of ways. They agreed to exchange information, to plan police operations between the two countries, to punish criminals more than before, and to help refugees return to their own countries.
This last point is perhaps the most important of all. The real answer to the refugee problem lies in helping to make their home countries safe again. The west is having some success in Kosovo. Other dangerous parts of the world may be different. But the message is the same: learn to live with your neighbour. Until the world understands this, the refugee problem will be here to stay. 
Penguin Dossiers © Copyright Pearson Education Ltd.  Photo © Copyright David & Peter Tumley/CORBIS

human traffic: perdagangan manusia

asylum seekers: pencari suaka

illegal immigrant: imigran yang tidak sesuai hukum, imigran gelap

border: perbatasan

arrest: menahan

trade: perdagangan

human: manusia

exchange: pertukaran

police operation: patroli/ operasi polisi


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